Pupil Comments


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“Really have enjoyed driving with Dave. Great instructor makes you feel relaxed in the car, and passed first time.”  –  Ellen, Cove.

“Enjoyable and relaxed driving lessons, definitely recommend Star Driving School.”  –  Amy, Farnborough.

“Very good 6 months learning to drive with Dave. Very patient in his lessons and helped my confidence a lot. Such a great bloke to learn with!”  –  Scott, Cove.

“Thank you David, you really helped me to pass my driving test. You are very patient and calm. I would definitely recommend you to someone else. I can’t thank you enough. God Bless you.”  –  Lisse, Farnborough.

“Passed my test with an excellent driving instructor. Would recommend Dave to everyone.”   –   Lee, Farnborough.

“Dave is a very patient and knowledgeable  instructor who ensures that you learn to a standard that is more than ‘the bare minimum’ . He is punctual, professional and very polite. I would recommend Dave to anyone.”   –   Kieran, Church Crookham.

“Dave is a great teacher to learn with. Dave talks you through everything in great detail. Overall I had a great driving experience.”  –  Jack, Yateley.

“Hi Dave, my name is Fi. You taught me to drive back in 2008. I’m texting you now to say thank you again. It might seem a bit weird to be thanking you after 7 years, but i was involved in a car crash in September when the steering on my car failed, and it was thanks to your little tips in our lessons, that I was able to keep calm and ‘in control’ of the car. This meant that no-one else was involved and I came away from a potentially life threatening situation with just a broken leg. The accident investigator said he couldn’t believe I hadn’t had any performance driving training and must have had a really excellent driving instructor, to know how to act the way i did. So yeah, thank you for being the most amazing driving instructor ever!!!! Fi. x”

“Had a great driving experience!”  –  Georgie, Crookham.

“Great. Very patient and understanding. And a very safe and sagacious driver. Cares a lot about his pupils. Well worth it.”  –  Niall, Camberley.

“Brilliant. would definitely recommend choosing Star Driving School over going alone. Well worth it, with excellent tutoring.”  –  Harry, Farnborough.

“Really enjoyed learning with Dave. Very informative and patient with you. Gives really good advice and information. Teaching method was really good and enjoyable.”  –  James, Frimley Greem.

“The quality of teaching was consistently high, allowing me to clearly see the progress I was making and keeping me motivated. As a result, I now feel that I drive confidently and safely. Thanks a lot Dave!”  –  Connor, Camberley.

“I came to Dave after failing my practical test 3 times. he was calm and never raised his voice when I was making mistakes. Dave was the best instructor I have ever had.”  –  Feenon, Farnborough.

“I personally couldn’t recommend Star Driving School enough. They provide a fun and pleasant atmosphere with exceptional driving lessons.”  –  Jordan, Yateley.

“I really had a great experience with Dave at Star Driving School. I felt comfortable and at ease, and enjoyed all my lessons. This resulted in me passing my test with no minors! Thanks Dave.”  –  Shane, Farnborough.

” Very sympathetic and really good teacher. We had a great time in the hour lessons and I will recommend Dave to all.”  –  Michal, Farnborough.

“Dave is a great instructor, patient and understandable. I would highly recommend him. I’ve had a few instructors before and Dave is by far the best. I’m happy that Dave has taught me to drive. Appreciate it a lot. THANK YOU DAVE ! ”  –  Candy, Farnborough.

“Very good, calm and kind instructor. Enjoyed the lessons and learnt well. Would recommend to everyone!”  –  Katie, Camberley.

“Dave is a really good instructor and was very helpful. I enjoyed it all.”  –  Emma, Camberley.

“I’ve been learning to drive on and off for 5 – 6 years and was pleasantly surprised to find Dave as an instructor when I took up learning again. Dave has been a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend his instruction. I look forward to my Pass Plus instruction with him.”  –  Sheena, Farnborough.

“Found Dave’s teaching style easy to get on with. Passed first time!”  –  Jonny, Fleet.

“Really calm instructor, voice is never raised, very patient.”  –  Beth, Camberley.

“Best driving instructor I have ever had. Would highly recommend. Thanks for all the help.”  –  Ellie, Farnborough.

“It was a great experience. I had great fun learning with Dave. He is a very nice man, easy to speak to and very helpful. thank you very much Dave, I won’t forget you.”  –  Adam, Farnborough.

“It has been very enjoyable learning with Dave. He has managed to keep calm even with the worst of my driving! Thank you very much Dave, it has been a pleasure!”  –  Bridget, Camberley.

“I enjoyed learning with Dave, he was very helpful and taught me not just to drive but to drive safely!:).” Charlie Ann, Farnborough.

” Dave was my second instructor and he is great to get on with, easy to talk to and has lots of helpful tips.”  –  Brad, Yateley.

“I really enjoyed learning to drive, I didn’t feel pressured into doing anything I wasn’t ready for and I feel that my own needs were taken into account. The personal sheet helped me track my progress.”  –  Josh, Cove.

“I was one of the later starters to driving. I’ve always been a bit hesitant until 3 people recommended Dave. I thought I’d give him a try and was pleasantly surprised  at how brilliant, knowledgable and most of all patient he is! He only advertises once a year and has many pupils all from word of mouth. Top guy!  Thank you.” –  Carly, Aldershot.

“Friendly, helpful and calm instructor. Fun, safe and good lessons. I really appreciated the individualised / personalised way of teaching.”  –  Kips, Farnborough.

“My experience with Star Driving School has been fantastic. Dave is a great teacher, patient, kind and knows how to have a laugh to keep you relaxed. Everything was always well structured and thought out. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to start their driving lessons”.  –  Chantal, Aldershot.

“Really well structured lessons with a friendly instructor. All lessons are organised around the individual, so when it comes to your test day, Dave will have you ready. Highly recommended.”  –  Jake, Farnborough.

“I really enjoyed the whole driving experience. Dave made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole journey and made me feel confident in myself and my driving ability! Definitely 120% glad I had my lessons with Star Driving.”  –  Sarah, Farnborough.

“I enjoyed my lessons with Dave. He covers a lot in each lesson and makes you feel confident.”  –  Simon, North Camp.

“Best Driving Instructor ever!”  –  Emma, North Camp.

” Nice and friendly instructor, easy to learn with, would recommend to anyone.”  –  Sarah, Ash Vale.

“Dave is a great instructor, patient and friendly, and I feel a lot more confident with my driving. Definitely recommend. Thanks again for helping me pass.”  –  Felicity, Yateley.

“Great time learning to drive, picked up some good tips and learnt heaps. Feeling confident for driving in the future.”  –  Ed, North Warnborough.

“Dave is very understanding and patient. He helped me build my confidence in my driving ability. Without him I would never have passed.”  –  Kayleigh, Aldershot.

“I highly recommend Star Driving School to anyone who is looking to learn how to drive with little or no prior experience. Dave is a calm and helpful driving instructor who managed to pass me first time. Thanks Dave, again highly recommended.” – Lee, Farnborough.

“When I first started with Dave, I had already failed many times before. As I had failed so many times, I was unsure if I would ever pass my test. As soon as I started with my new instructor I knew immediately he was far more professional and I recommend him to everyone.” – Richard, Alresford.

“Great instructor, very calm and patent. Overall, a very friendly guy.”  –  Joe, Blackwater.

“Was brilliant learning with Dave, really helped me with roundabouts”.  –  Jenny, Lightwater.

“Really good instructor, takes time to go back to basics, before moving on to more complex driving. If you have enough lessons you will cover many of the routes for your test. Great use of diagrams especially with regard to roundabouts and lane positioning. Dave’s attention to detail and positivity allowed me to pass my test.”  –  Tom, Farnborough.

“Dave’s really friendly and makes you feel confident when you are driving.”  –  Laura, Camberley.

“I incredibly enjoyed the experience of driving. Wouldn’t want to go through the test again though!”   –  Miles, Camberley.

“Amazing instructor, managed to help me pass with only 1 minor. I would highly recommend Star Driving School, a friendly instructor.” – Iona, Fleet.

“A kind teacher who goes through everything thoroughly and makes sure you find driving easy.”  –  Josh, Camberley.

“Dave is very calm and friendly. I was so nervous for my first lesson, but it was fine. Definitely recommend him. Thanks Dave.”  –  Claire, Frimley Green.

“Calm and relaxed instructor, lots of fun to learn with, great instructor, will recommend.” – Harry, Camberley.

“I had an excellent driving experience with Star Driving and felt well prepared for my driving test. Would recommend Dave to anyone :) ”  –  Isabel, Yateley.

“Excellent. Really great teacher, enjoyed every lesson. Awesome car to drive too!”  –  Andrew, Camberley.

“Amazing instructor, really helpful and supportive. Will recommend to anyone!”   –  Rebecca, Camberley.

“Thank you, I had a really fun teaching experience. You made learning to drive a very easy and exciting time. I really enjoyed learning to drive, and so happy I passed!”  –  Ellie, Camberley.

“Dave has been a very calm & friendly driving instructor. I’m going to miss his lessons and I will definitely recommend him to other people.”  –  Matt, Camberley.

“Really enjoyed my learning experience with Star Driving, Dave is the best instructor ever, couldn’t have done it without him! :) ”  –  Amy, Farnborough.

“My experience has been a good one, I learnt how to drive fantastically and met a very nice person :) ”  –  Chloe, Yateley.

“I felt comfortable during every lesson and worked on many things that needed improvement for my test.. By the time I came to my test I felt confident that I could pass. Dave was very nice when explaining how to correct any mistakes I made.”  –  Jessica, Cove.

“Dave is a super cool instructor, I looked forward to every lesson and really enjoyed learning. I always felt safe and comfortable, it was great to be taught by someone who knew the answers to all of my questions and was very patient with my endless kerb clipping! I’m really glad I decided to learn with Dave.” – Nadine, Frimley.

“Learning with Dave was brilliant. Really good and straight forward teaching made me feel I was making good progress after every lesson. Very enjoyable learning experience, so I would highly recommend. Thanks Dave !”  –  Sophie, Farnborough.

“Learning to drive with Dave has been a really enjoyable experience. He is a great instructor and very patient! I would recommend him to anyone – thanks Dave :) “. –  Rosie, Camberley.

“Thank you so much for getting my sister and I through our driving tests. You put me at ease and I would recommend you to anyone. You are an excellent teacher”.  –  Natasha, Fleet.

“The lessons have been great and very understandable. They have been a great use to me and have made me a confident driver. Thanks a lot”.  –  Sam, Camberley.

“Dave has now got my Brother and I through the driving test on 1st attempts, very good instructor and very friendly”.  –  Ben, Farnborough.

“Dave has been a fantastic driving instructor and has made me much more confident and comfortable driving than with my last instructor. He is very friendly and made me feel at ease. Thank you for helping me pass Dave :) “. – Steph, Camberley.

“I really enjoyed all my lessons and the guidance I received throughout was the most helpful it could have been. Thank you so much for a great learning experience”. – Ruth, Camberley.

“Easy laid back lessons and I’m driving with confidence quite quickly”. – Karen, Farnham.

“Thank you Dave for teaching me to drive and for helping me to overcome my nerves on test day. Dave has always given me encouraging and positive instruction and has always remained patient and easy to get on with. I will have no problem in recommending Dave. He has always given excellent and well structured lessons. My Brother has just started his lessons with him”.  –  Michael, Camberley.

“I have really enjoyed learning to drive with Star Driving School and felt really well prepared to pass my test. I would recommend Star Driving to anyone who wanted a friendly learning experience”.  –  Alastair, Camberley.

“Learning with Dave really built up my confidence and awareness on the road. I really enjoyed learning to drive with such a patient and positive instructor”.  – Owen, Blackwater.

“I felt that Dave was always calm and had the solutions to any issues immediately, offering great advice. Thank you Dave for all your help and support”.  –  Peter, Camberley.

“I enjoyed learning to drive with Dave. He taught me a lot, in so little time. I’m so glad he got me through”.  –  Amy, Farnborough.

“Dave was a great teacher. He helps through every step of the way and really makes driving fun. I would recommend him to anyone”.  –  Jordan, Cove.

“Excellent experience learning with Star Driving School.  Easy to learn, due to all the help given with anything you are stuck on”.  –  Richard, Farnborough.

“So happy with the result, thank you for being so patient and helping me out”.  –  Aqib, Camberley.

“I have enjoyed every minute of learning to drive and can’t wait to start driving by myself”.  –  Michael, Cove.

“Yay, passed my test first time. Dave is a great instructor ;) ” – Hayley, Farnborough.

“Dave is a star of a driving instructor” – Laurren, Farnborough.

“I really enjoyed learning to drive with Dave, as he is an excellent teacher. He is also very calm and patient,
exactly what you need in a driving instructor”. – Lucy, Cove.

“Dave is a really good driving instructor, really patient however many times I got things wrong”. – Rosie, Camberley.

“I was really nervous about learning to drive, but Dave made me feel very safe. Thank you for your patience …….and for grabbing the wheel when I was unobservant on country lane markings”.   –   Sophie, Blackwater.

Well, what can I say? Dave is just the greatest driving instructor around, and so modest.        Dave.